Our Company

Lord Furniture Factory was established in 2007. It is progressive and diversified group specialised in manufacturing of furniture used in offices, schools, hospitals, theatres, hotels and other furniture related fields. The Company's growth and success is due to our ability to understand our customer's requirements and delivering quality finished design. As well as, supervising for all our projects with experience in residential, commercial and events. We are the leading manufacturer of furniture with a great variety of design patterns using local and imported materials to enhance our production capacity and quality. We provide you with design and consultation to suite your space, taste and preferences absolutely as per international quality at afforable prices. When you deal with Lord Furniture, you enter a partnership of trust that gives you a prompt and after sales services. We stake our professional reputation and success of our venture on your satisfaction.

Our Group

The LIFCO Group got established over five decades ago by the stern vision of its founding father late Mr. Mohammed Salim Hassan. Now it has become a leading venture in the global market by carving out its own niche in marketing, distribution, logistics and global trade in various brands of food products and allied services by surpassing a turnover of more than $200 million.

The Group has achieved astounding success in manifold areas of business through strategic planning by focusing on its core strengths and exploiting the opportunities that arises in various parts of the globe due to globalization and liberalization now. The Group has been successfully diversified into various areas during the last five decades by a strategy of accelerated growth through diversification.

Steered by long vision and strategic drive by the Management, the group has been able to achieve targeted success throughout the last few decades by eliciting cohesive support and dedication from more than 3000 staff members that comprises of 18 different nationalities. We believe in cohesiveness in diversity, a culture that has been nurtured by LIFCO every since its establishment.

The Group has projected a plan of action to achieve focused growth during the years by implanting the concept of corporate social responsibility and commitment.